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Guidelines for the St. Helier Yacht Club defaced ensign

St Helier Yacht Club is privileged to have been awarded the right for members to fly a defaced red ensign on their boats in recognition of its members’ contribution in the evacuation of troops from St Malo in June 1940. If you would like to fly the Club’s defaced red ensign, you must apply for a permit from the Club.

May we remind you of the following regulations:

• You must have a British registered boat (either SSR or Part 1).

• SSR registered boats must be over 7m in length, and Part 1 registered boats must weigh over one ton.

• If you change your boat, you must apply for a new permit.

• The permit must be returned to the Club if you dispose of your boat, cease to be a Member of St Helier Yacht Club, if it is recalled by the Ministry of Defence or when the permit expires.

• Permits are valid for a period of five years and must be renewed.

• The permit should be kept aboard and available for inspection.

• The ensign may only be worn when the Club burgee is flown.

• The ensign may not be worn unless the owner of the yacht is on board, or in effective control.

Permits are issued by the Club office. To obtain a permit, please supply the office with a copy of your boat’s registration document; once this has been received a permit will be issued.

Ensigns in varying sizes are available for purchase from the Club office.