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Private Functions

The Club may be used by Members for their own private functions for themselves and immediate members of their families.

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The Executive Committee may also consider use of the Club by other maritime related clubs, organisations and charities. In these cases the Club may charge a fee to cover its costs.

All catering and liquid refreshments must be provided by the galley and bar. A variety of catering options are available including finger buffets, full buffets and served meals. The Galley Manager will be pleased to advise and provide costings.

Applications for events that require large areas of the Clubroom or may be noisy or disruptive to Members must be submitted no later than four weeks before and not earlier than six months before the event is planned to take place unless the prior written approval of the Executive Committee or Chairman of House is given.

Social functions will normally take place in the lower dining area or the Westward Room. Events where groups of children are likely to be in attendance such as Christenings, Communions etc will be held in the Westward Room. Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times and must remain in the area designated for the holding of the function. When funeral wakes are likely to overlap with the dining service or planned for Friday afternoons, they will be held in the Westward room unless the prior written approval of the Executive Committee or Chairman of House is given.

Maximum numbers depend upon the type of function, catering options provided and other factors such as the use of a band or disco, but normally functions will be limited to around 100 persons. The number of attendees must be stated on the application and this must not be exceeded unless agreed by the Chairman of House in advance of the function.

The member making the application must assume responsibility for the event and must sign in their guests at the commencement of the event and remain on the premises until all guests have left the premises. The member must ensure that all non member guests are fully briefed on and observe the relevant Club Rules. Attention is drawn in particular to the Rules regarding dress and behavior in the Club, the non smoking regulation, the restricted children’s areas and the ban on the use of mobile phones.

The Clubroom is open to all Members, their guests and authorised visitors at all times during the published opening hours and therefore no function can be completely private. Accordingly, permission to hold private functions will not normally be given for Friday nights, or for Saturday nights from June to August unless the prior written approval of the Executive Committee or Chairman of House is given.

Decorations may be put up by arrangement with the Club Manager provided this is done just prior to the event and removed immediately afterwards. These must be restricted to the dining area for the function and be sensitive to the other users of the Club. Music and entertainment of a reasonable nature is also permitted, again by arrangement with the Club Manager.

For the avoidance of doubt, approval will not be given or may be withdrawn, for the Club to be used for any Private Function, Meeting or other activity if in the opinion of the Executive Committee such event is not in the best interests of the Members or may bring the Club into disrepute.

The above is a summary of the relevant Rules covering Private Functions. The complete set of Rules can be found in the Rules and Constitution section of the website.