Incorporating the Spinlock IRC Channel Islands Championships

Welcome to the Jersey Regatta ... et soyez bienvenus à nos amis français!

Dear All,


There goes the 18th Jersey Regatta, the 4th keenly sponsored by UBS AG, Jersey’s leading wealth management company.

Numbers were up this year with 90 boats entered. The sight of so many sails in St Aubin’s Bay was truly spectacular. We were delighted to see boats from Guernsey and France and, not least, an Australian crew who had popped over for the Regatta. Visiting boats contribute a lot to a regatta by introducing competition that raises perfomance levels whilst adding greatly to the overall ambience of the event. We are grateful to them all for their commitment, enthusiasm and camaraderie throughout their stay with us.

Weather wise, it was a mixed bag with decent weather on Friday and Sunday whilst Saturday was pretty dismal. The many hours that the committee boats and RIBs spent prancing up and down in Saturday’s nasty swell are, no doubt, indelibly inscribed in the memories of those who experienced them. However, it is very pleasing to note that the programme ran to schedule with just a few races having to be abandoned on Sunday as the wind died. Well done the CBA and CBB race officers, race committees and the RIB folk. A very big ‘thankyou’ to you all.

Well done to all who raced, many congratulations to the winners and runners up, especially those who won trophies, the UBS Best-in-Class prizes, the Spinlock IRC CI Regional Championship and the Island Ark Quarter Ton Trophy. Visiting boats did, indeed, make their presence felt, as will be recorded for posterity on our precious silverware. Commiserations, indeed, to those who live to fight another day.

In terms of manpower, about 55 people were involved in running the Regatta over the three days, whether on or off the water. We truly appreciate their contribution in whatever role they played. A very special vote of thanks goes to the very kind folk who provided committee boats. We are also grateful to Chris Simon, the principal race officer for his expert guidance and to David Battye who joined us as protest committee chairman. Neither was unemployed!

UBS has, for the fourth year running, been an enthusiastic and involved sponsor, providing much encouragement and support as well as the necessary finance that helps to make this event truly special. Port of Jersey has, as ever, helped hugely by providing complimentary berthing and much help behind the scenes.  We are tremendously grateful to both and very much appreciate their commitment to the Regatta and the relationships that have developed between us.

The Regatta report is available by clicking the appropriate button to the right of this page as well as the detailed results and photographs that are available by clicking on the links that you will find there.

Please send your thoughts about any aspect of the Regatta to info@jerseyregatta.com, any Feedback will be welcome.

In closing, please note that the 19th edition of the Jersey Regatta is scheduled for 15th to 17th September 2017; you might like to make a note of it in your diary now... and that of your friends.

Best wishes.


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Bill Harris  
16th September 2016

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